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Location of PMSB in Malaysia's gold Belt

Central Gold Belt

The Central Gold Belt lies on the eastern side of the Raub-Bentong suture, a regional scale structure that extends northwards through Thailand and Laos into China. The Central Gold Belt contains major hard rock resources and also is host to numerous alluvial mines that ranged from large scale to relatively minor operations.

Prime Location

Major gold and copper-gold deposits are found in Malaysia and in other areas around the Pacific Rim. The Central Gold Belt is characterised by unusual geology found in only about 5% of the Pacific Rim but which is host to over 50% of the largest porphyry copper and gold and epithermal gold deposits in the Pacific Rim.
The mineralisations in the Central Gold Belt are locally and regionally quite well understood. The Pulai Block contains many of the major controlling features seen in other Central Gold Belt deposits associated with gold multi element anomalies indicative of gold mineralisation in the bedrock.

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