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Exploration History

The tenement region has had gold exploration and mining on various scales for over 500 years of Chinese mining with earliest gold mining in the Central Gold Belt possibly about 800 years ago by the Khmer people.
Alluvial mining in the current Pulai Block is thought to date back at least to 500 years ago and has consisted of artisanal workings in most small tributaries of the Sg. Galas and the Sg. Tan See prior to Pulai Mining’s exploration and mining.
Hard Rock mining had also taken place previously as well as mining of high level old river beds of the Sg. Galas.
Apart from early regional exploration by PMSB the current EL really has only had effective exploration activity conducted since September 2012.

Initial Exploration – 620 km2

An early map of the Pulai Block with a small partial reduction in the south west already made,
Initial prospects were identified by various means:-

  1. Literature review
  2. Regional Geophysical Data interpretation
  3. Reinterpretation of regional stream sediment and rock chip samples collected as part of a Canadian Aid Program
  4. Extensive ground traversing and sampling over entire tenement area
  5. Oral history from old miners living in the region

Intensive Exploration in 2012 - 2014

Current Pulai Block area of 37 km2

  1. Detailed exploration with grid based soil sampling- over 6300 soil samples analysed
  2. Three dimensional IP survey to over 300 metres deep over two identified prospects and surrounding areas
  3. Mapping, rock chip sampling and trenching over selected areas
  4. Detailed interpretation of gold production data – fineness, recovery, wear, wear and grain size characteristics by location.
  5. China Railway arrived on 19 October 2014, focused on making best use of our past drilling data and new data collected to build a computer model of patterns for the next drilling phase

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